Whether you are founding a business, growing a team, or plan to go global with your big idea, Logtenberg Evegaars is with you. At our best when discovering and unlocking human potential, we believe in its power to shape strategic and organizational change and to let it be the driving force of your business.

Realizing the potential of Life Sciences as an industry requires the best and brightest leaders. These rare executives tend to meticulously map out their career path, often consulting Logtenberg Evegaars when assessing and selecting opportunities.

This enables us to advise our clients on where to find the excellence and talent they need. With a strong awareness of cross-cultural HR challenges and robust knowledge of our clientele and sector, it is our delivery that stands out.

Logtenberg Evegaars partners with leaders in business and academia to tackle their most challenging people-centric questions, bringing them the best talent to deliver on their organization’s promise.

To create successful teams and business units, leaders need to strike a balance between team members with the technical knowledge required to operate, and those with leadership skills that can move businesses forward. More often than not in senior and complex roles, a combination of the two is most desirable.

Recognizing each other’s drive to take on and solve these complex questions, Daniël Logtenberg and Jorden Evegaars founded their company in 2020. Their joint global network and wealth of experience in consultancy and executive search enables biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to attract the most sought-after professionals.















Daniël worked in international search for over 10 years, with a focus on positions in pharma and biotech. He has formed connections with professionals on the top of their game, as well as partnerships with leading Life Sciences companies all over the world.

Working with senior professionals, he is recognized for his expertise in filling roles at the executive level. Often dealing with very specific requirements and sought-after skill sets, he manages to succeed when identifying candidates for highly complex roles, demanding a balance between proven scientific acumen and business leadership.

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With almost 20 years of experience in executive search and business development within HR, Jorden exclusively worked in industries that thrive on talent with specialist skill sets. He helped clients to develop and complete their teams. More recently, Jorden served as HR director and consultant to several global biotech companies in various therapeutic areas, both in the US and in Europe.

He has led greenfield projects, advised on organizational design, talent development and compensation & benefits and both identified as well as contracted key players for niche roles.

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